Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Minute to Win it" New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's, Everyone! Are you ready for the Holidays to be over? Are you ready to enforce those New Year's Resolutions?:)

Last night we decided to play "Minute to Win it" with the kids. We all love that show and we needed something active to keep the kids awake for midnight. (This was the first year that they have made it to watch the ball drop!) So we googled for ideas and we got some great pictures! We even made up some of our own...
The first one that we did, was something Michael remembered doing at a Young Men's activity. You dip your nose in Vaseline and try and pick up three cotton balls with your nose and drop the cotton balls in a bowl. First one done gets the point. (We played boys against girls and for team points instead of a million dollars.) Jilli was tickled by this one and giggled the whole time!

The next game that we played involved an Oreo. All you had to do was place the Oreo on your cheek and get it to your mouth without using your hands. Sound easy enough? Yeah, try it! Suddenly you find muscles in your face that you didn't know you had. This game was one that I won hands down. Guess that would be because of my chocolate addiction! But Michael's picture was the best.

Next, we took six paper cups and stacked them together. When the clock started, you had to separate the cups and build a pyramid then stack them back together. First one done gets the point!

This was a classic! You take two eggs and a teaspoon of salt on a plate. Then you try and balance the eggs with the salt. Jilli did such a great job!

Besides the Oreo game, this one was my favorite. Michael stuck super-long double stick tape on the edge of the counter top. Then we drew a line on the counter with a dry-erase marker and placed marbles on the line. Whoever could get two marbles to stick on the tape (and not roll over the edge) would get the point!

Ethan made up this game...we used his Lacrosse stick and scooped up three balls and placed them on the sofa.

On this game, we grabbed a stack of quarters and bounced them into the bowl. Whoever got two in received the point. It's harder then it looks, especially for the kids.

This was our rubber band shoot. Jilli, Ethan, and I all quit this one. Michael is a rubber band shooter pro, and the rest of us proved to be quite lethal!

This game is one I made up. The Sock Sorter:) Hey, if I was gonna spend all this time playing games, I was going to enlist some help with the chores, also! Look at that fury as we quickly sort!

Well, the final score was not one I want to talk about...the boys one. And I should've known. I never play against my husband-he's way too fast! Figuring out how to do things the fastest way possible happens to be what he does for a living. But, there will be rematches. We all had a fabulous time. Maybe except Lexie...she chose to stay away from our screaming mayhem. BUt she enjoyed watching "MarmaDuke" with us later.

We hope you had an incredible New Year's! We certainly missed you:)

Love ,
The Schatz Family